FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

We are a young Indian company based in Delhi/NCR. Our products, which are based on cutting-edge food technology, are all produced in INDIA.

With Whole nutrition, you can eat well even when your life is hectic. Our nutrition meals are the perfect alternative to fast food: tasty, affordable, balanced and wholesome. Alongside our Veagn meal, we also offer Whole Nutrition vegan protein . So you can be prepared for whatever your day has in store.

Whole nutrition has two products: Whole Nutrition Vegan meal and vegan protein So you can be prepared for whatever your day has in store.

You can eat Whole Nutrition at any time of the day - whether as breakfast, lunch, dinner or just as a snack in between. We recommend a conscious consumption of Whole Nutrition in the context of a balanced and varied nutrition and which should be adapted to your physiological needs such as weight, body size and activity level.

Of course, that's why we developed Whole Nutrition in the first place. Thanks to the proteins and fibre it contains, it keeps you feeling full for several hours. And provides you with energy without being heavy on the stomach. How long you feel full naturally depends on your body size and how active you are. But the range is over several hours.

Whole Nutrition offers you a balanced meal that satisfies your hunger and provides you with energy for hours. With Whole Nutrition Ready-to-Drink Meals it is easy to count calories, because all products always contain the same nutritional values.

However, in addition to a balanced diet, in order to lose weight you also need to use more energy through exercise.

The same applies to weight gain. As Whole Nutrition always contains the same nutritional values, it's very easy to use it to add “extra calories” to your normal food to increase the total amount of energy you take in.

All our products have self life of 18 months. Aside from that, we are keen not to waste food or resources. This is why we also sell products that no longer have the full twelve-month shelf life left. Of course, we make sure that you are never sent a product that is due to expire.

Our whole Nutrition are wholesome complete meal replacements. In other words, Whole Nutrition meals assuages your hunger for several hours and provides you with energy without sitting heavily in your stomach. It provides your body with 27+ vitamins and minerals along with balanced amount of protein carbs and fat.

Our whole Nutrition are vegan protein helps to fulfil your daily protein requirement. It provides your body with 24 grams of protein in every scoop of whole nutrition vegan protein along with fiber and essential BCAA.