At Whole Nutrition, we are not just passionate about complete and innovative nutrition, we are passionate about sustainability too. We are constantly working to design our entire value chain to be more sustainable. We are focusing on some key areas: minimising our CO₂ emissions, using plastic responsibly and preventing food waste.

We support reforestation projects

We offset our CO₂ emissions by supporting reforestation project. The projects promote the reforestation of trees and protects ancient forests, transforming severely degraded landscapes into diverse ecosystems with high CO₂ capture and storage capacities. We have pledged to invest a certain percentage of our profits for planting tress across India .

Preventing food waste

We produce balanced, delicious meals – where hardly any food waste is created as a result. Have you ever thought that there are hardly any other healthy alternatives to ready meals, which produce so little food waste? 68 million tonnes of food end up in the bin every year throughout India.

All of our products have a shelf life of a 18 months, which means that it takes a long time for something to be discarded. In this way, we can reduce your food waste in the long term.

The ingredients for our products are mainly sourced in india – only a few raw materials are sourced from other parts of the world due to local availability and current changes in supply.

Improving food habits

We’re part of a generation that’s constantly busy or on the move. Whether it’s due to work or lifestyle, we’ve gotten accustomed to skipping meals or eating unhealthy snacks to save time. We at Whole Nutrition have been determined to change this behaviour and get more people to adopt a healthy food habit, one meal at a time.