The Story Behind Whole Nutrition

Founder. For good reasons.

Our founder, Shivam Agrawal comes from the family of a medical practitioner and is an athlete himself. This background has helped him to always be aware about the importance of a health and fitness-oriented lifestyle. After completing his masters, when he was working at a corporate, it became increasingly difficult for him to keep a track of his health and fitness levels due to his busy & hectic corporate life. He resorted to fast food, as there was no time left for preparation of own food after long and stressful workdays. Fast food, as the name suggests, is quick to satiate hunger, but it makes you feel miserable just as quickly.

His father is an orthopedic surgeon, due to which he is used to seeing innumerable patients suffering from diseases due to deficiency of certain vitamin, minerals or protein. This stems from the lack of balanced meal. Often the early onset of a disease or medical problem is due to deficiency of some sort in our diet. He was a professional sportsperson. Being an athlete, who was studying to complete his studies, the daily schedule is hectic in itself. Adding the responsibility preparing your own meals to that, only adds to the pressures of the daily grind.

He soon started to feel that his health is deteriorating due to fast food consumption. Noting the slow, but steady impact of junk food on his health, he set out to find an alternative. When he couldn’t find one, he took matters into his own hands and after multiple discussions with doctors, he developed the idea of Whole Nutrition, keeping in mind the food trend and taste of Indian population.

He quickly realized that his idea had the potential to help many others to eat healthier. He quit his job, jumped in to find a solution to make a brand which provides balanced science based nutrition available at all times. This brand will help athletes, working professionals and even people suffering from nutritional deficiencies. Basically, it will help anyone who wants to stay healthy. Together with leading food scientists, he tried out various recipes to develop a drink that was nutritionally balanced, healthy and tasted good too. He was aware that taste is a big part of a balanced diet. But he soon realized this would not be as easy as he had thought.
It took him almost 2 years to come up with the brand. “The first recipes were balanced and healthy, but they tasted absolutely awful”, Shivam recalls. So he, with his team continued his research with even more persistence. Several recipe changes, taste tests and months later the time has finally come: the first two products are ready, and guess what, they were instant hits with the entire team! “We approached the whole thing with a science-based methodology, but when it came to taste, in the end it was actually our gut feeling and instincts that decided the right composition.”